Sebastian Michta

Sebastian, originally from Poland has been tattooing for a number of years. He specialises in black and grey, realistic, and portrait tattoos but also enjoys Asian, Oriental and Japanese style tattoos, however he is able to master any style of tattoos. He is an extremely talented artist and enjoys being inspired by people to design a custom tattoo just for them.

You can check out his work in the gallery tab or on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Pop into the studio for a chat with Sebastian, he will be happy to help! Call us on 07912 482506 for availability.


Tattoo information 

​​If you are going to book a tattoo with us, please read the following:

Our current rate for tattooing is £60 per hour or £300 for a full day session.  However, we do have a minimum charge for small tattoos of £40.   Full day sessions are from 10am-6pm Tuesday to Friday, 10am-4pm on a Saturday and 12noon-6pm on a Sunday.

             If you would like to discuss your idea for a tattoo, the best way to liaise with an artist is by either messaging our Facebook page or by emailing   We will then look at your idea and let you know their thoughts. If you'd prefer to speak to someone in person please pop into the shop and speak to the front desk team, who will be happy to answer any queries you might have.

If you are booking a large tattoo, say upper outer arm, we’d advise you to book 6-12 hours depending upon the intricacy of the design. For a full sleeve or back piece, we’d advise anywhere between 20 and 40 hours, with a minimum gap of 3 weeks in between sittings to allow healing.

We operate a booking system and the way our booking system works is we ask for a deposit to be paid at the time of the booking.  Payment can be made by popping into the studio with cash, alternatively we can take a card payment over the phone, we can take a PayPal payment or a bank transfer.  We also operate a 48-hour cancellation policy, if at any time you miss an appointment or cancel without enough notice you will lose that deposit and all subsequent appointments will be cancelled unless a new deposit is brought in (See full cancellation policy for further details – this can be found either at the bottom of this information, pinned to the top of our Facebook page or on our website at

We design custom tattoos.  Customers usually start off an enquiry with proving us with either a google image or the image of an already completed tattoo.  Please note that we'd be able to do something similar to the design you sent and we can use it as a base but I'm afraid that we don't directly copy another artists work or an internet found design.  It’s not really fair on the artist who did it originally, it’s actually a breach of copyright and also, it’s also not fair on you.  We'd rather give you a one off unique piece of artwork that no one else has got! If you want a directly copy then I’m sorry we are not the tattooists for you.

We will work with you on your design to the best of our ability however our decision on artwork is final. We know what will work as a tattoo and what will look good. We have your best interests at heart so please respect us and listen to our advice. Good tattoos take time, if you want something quick and cheap please try somewhere else and we’ll see you in a few months for a cover up!!

 When will my design be drawn up? - Our front desk team will have liaised with you at the booking stage to ascertain your ideas for your tattoo design, at this stage you will be encouraged to supply us with as much information as possible. 

I'm afraid that due to the artist’s workloads, your design will only be ready for you to view on the day of your booking and not before.  Should you wish to make any changes to your design, they can be made on the day of your booking. Please bear in mind that the artist will have drawn up the best piece possible from your reference images as they know what will work best.

Jordy Coyle 

Jordan Coyle (Jordy) was born in and grew up in Paisley. He always had a fascination for recreating interests/icons on paper since he was a kid, with a crayola art case in tow and it's still the same now with the tattoo machine. 

He served an apprenticeship in 2013 within a Glasgow studio and has been in tattooing since. He has a real passion for his work especially bold Old School/Traditional, Comic, Pin Up’s and Portraits but is more than competent

with any tattoo style. 

Even when he’s not in the studio he will always seems to find something to get creative with or draw on. He has a keen eye for detail, a bit of a perfectionist, and will always take the time to work with you on any ideas. 

You can check out his work in the gallery tab or on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Pop into the studio for a chat with Jordy, he will be happy to help! Call us on 07912 482506 for availability.

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